Damon canon
First good sketch of damon
General info
Name Damon
Alias Has none yet
Age 21
Relatives Gillian(brother);


Affiliation 空氏 = sorashi, a japanese samurai clan(member);
Alignment good
Identity secret
Citizenship Japanese
Occupation Underground fighting
Education Japanese highschool
Gender male
Height 6'3 (1.90 meters)
Eyes gold
Hair pitch black
Unusual Features His teeth look a bit animal like
Species Human(mutant)

Damon is a member of the Meta Squad together with his brother Gillian





  • Daishō: Daishō is a set of two Japanese swords where one sword is shorter then the other one. These were used by samurai and was also a symbol or badge of their rank. Damon's swords are:
    • 岩男 (Iwao): This is a katana named Iwao which means "rock man". This is a 'male' sword and Iwao is a name for males.
    • 風 (Fū): This is a wakizashi named Fū which means "air" or "wind". This is a 'female' sword and Fū is a name for females. A wakizashi is basically a short katana.

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